We believe that knowing where the coffee you drink comes from is as important as knowing where the food you eat comes from. We take extraordinary care in sourcing our coffees. Our selection process is informed by direct knowledge and travel to countries of origin, an understanding of the seasonal agricultural nature of coffee, and an appreciation of the unique qualities that coffees from different growing regions bring to the cup.

From Central America to Africa, we have visited, lived, and worked alongside some extraordinary hard working and dedicated farmers. The amount of work that goes into the cup of coffee we drink daily is beyond believe, and we feel that these dedicated farmers must be justly compensated for their efforts.

While it is impossible for us to visit every farm, we also work with a small group of suppliers with whom we have long established relationships. They assist us in finding truly great quality coffees, whether from fair trade coops, or microlots from some of the best farms in the world.

At the end of the day, it is important for us to ensure that our trade in coffee has beneficial effects for everyone involved, from our friends at origin, to our most valued customers.