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Edwin's Family Farm

Posted by Adam Bose on

Edwin Nicholas is third-generation coffee farmer in the La Paz region of Honduras. He studied agronomy in university where he met his wife, Maria Emilia. Together they returned to the coffee mountains where he grew up to run his family farm and be near his siblings' surrounding farms.

Edwin's farm was producing delicious, high-quality coffee for several years until Coffee Rust Disease destroyed their crops in 2008, followed by other climate challenges and fluctuations in pricing on the C market. Over the years, he has furthered his education in processing methods and has been experimenting with them to rebuild his farm into one known for producing great washed, honey and natural microlots.  

This is the first year we are offering Edwin's delicious Yellow Honey processed coffee produced on a smaller portion of his farm called Finca La Princess Diana. He says that the key is to select only red, ripe cherries and conduct a meticulous process of moving the coffee every 15 minutes for the first three days of sun-drying on mesh beds.

With all the climate and labour challenges they faced on top of the pandemic, Edwin is determined to continue improving his crop and processing methods for the next harvest.

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