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GameChangers902: Empowering African Nova Scotians for Lasting Change

Posted by Adam Bose on

In the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a group of passionate activists came together with a shared vision to transform the lives of African Nova Scotians. GameChangers902 was born out of a deep sense of frustration, anger, and the unwavering desire to challenge injustices and create a more equitable society. Through their collective efforts, GameChangers902 aims to centralize the African Nova Scotian experience, culture, and history, while empowering the community and advocating for lasting change.

A Commitment to Action and Activism
Trayvone Clayton, Kate Macdonald, and DeRico Symonds, three young black activists, founded GameChangers902 with a burning determination to make a difference. Their pivotal moment came during a visit to Parliament Hill, where they bore witness to an act of racial violence. This experience ignited an even greater commitment to the cause, propelling them to become prominent figures in the racial justice movement in Nova Scotia.

Driven by a mission to challenge the status quo, GameChangers902 refuses to be limited to social media activism. They actively seek opportunities for action and engagement, aiming to change the rules of the game and ensure that young African Nova Scotians are invited to the playing field. By raising the profile of excellence within their communities, GameChangers902 strives to dismantle barriers and empower future generations.

Current Projects and Collaborations
GameChangers902 is actively involved in various projects aimed at effecting systemic change and creating a positive impact within the African Nova Scotian community. One notable collaboration is with the Halifax Regional Municipality and the African Nova Scotia Justice Institute. Together, they are spearheading a collective impact project that encompasses a youth services review, a comprehensive approach to tackling gun violence, and providing support and guidance on related matters. By working in partnership with key stakeholders, GameChangers902 maximizes their efforts and amplifies their impact.

Keeping Supporters Informed
GameChangers902 understands the importance of keeping their supporters informed and engaged. They primarily utilize their Instagram channel as a platform to share updates, stories, and initiatives. Through regular posts, live streams, and interactive content, GameChangers902 ensures that their community remains connected and informed about the ongoing work and progress being made.

Making a Greater Difference
To truly maximize their impact and reach their goals, GameChangers902 recognizes the need for permanent or consistent funding. Currently, much of their work is driven by the dedication of volunteers or through contractual arrangements. The ability to transition into full-time advocacy and community empowerment would enable GameChangers902 to dedicate even more time and resources to effecting lasting change.

A Deeper Commitment to Community
Above all, GameChangers902 wants the world to know that their commitment to their community runs deep. They deeply care about effecting positive and lasting change, doing whatever is within their capacity to create a better future for African Nova Scotians. Through their tireless efforts, GameChangers902 aims to inspire and engage individuals from all walks of life to join their cause and collectively build a more just and equitable society.

GameChangers902 is not merely an organization; it is a movement fueled by passion, determination, and the unwavering belief that change is possible. With a focus on centralizing African Nova Scotian experiences and empowering the community, GameChangers902 is making significant strides in challenging injustices and raising the profile of excellence within their communities. By joining forces with like-minded individuals, organizations, and through the support of generous donors, GameChangers902 will continue to drive lasting change, creating a brighter future for African Nova Scotians.

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