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Introducing 38 Cold Coffee

Posted by Adam Bose on

Bottle of 38 Cold Coffee in sunlight
We're excited to launch 38 Cold, our first cold coffee beverage, inspired by the year we were founded. Cold coffee (or cold brew) is a method of steeping fresh ground coffee in water for a longer period than hot brewing. We used fresh crop Colombian Supremo beans and bottled it in a classic brown glass bottle. This stuff packs a great caffeine punch, with a smooth, chocolatey flavour. 
We recommend drinking it straight over ice but it's also great with a little sweetener and your preferred dairy or dairy-free alternative. The team has been experimenting with slushies, so catch us on a hot day and we might have those available too!
To launch, we're offering 6 packs for the price of 5 bottles, come pick it up now in our North Street Cafe, or at the Cortado Tasting Room in Bedford.
We hope to have it available in more locations soon!

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