Community Cups: Dog City | Java Blend Coffee
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Community Cups: Dog City
Community Cups: Dog City

Community Cups: Dog City

In support of

$1 from every bag sold will be donated to
The Nova Scotia SPCA 

Description: This coffee from Brazil is called "Dog City". We medium roasted the coffee beans with love, through pulped natural process, to bring out the friendly, calm and mellow dog characteristics.   It has notes of milk chocolate, creamy and toasted pecans.

Where did the coffee name "Dog City" come from?  It came from a conversation with Taylor from SPCA. August is also known as Dogust in Nova Scotia. Many dogs are abandoned and in danger - waiting for rescue. 

We dedicate this special roast to support The Nova Scotia SPCA.

You can also donate privately to the Nova Scotia SPCA here!

Notes: Milk chocolate, creamy, toasted pecan
Process: Pulped Natural
Roast: Medium
Region: Brazil

Bundle option:  Dog City + CrazyDog dehydrated beef lung (2oz)