Princesa Diana | Single-Origin Yellow Honey | Java Blend Coffee
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Princesa Diana

Princesa Diana


Single-Origin Coffee with Tasting Notes of Fig, Wildflower Honey, and Vanilla

Edwin Nicolas is part of the producer group that contributes to the CAFESA Regional Lot where we get our FTO Honduras, which is primarily used in our Aztec. He also produces micolots coffees and this is where we get this honey processed coffee. It is a blend of Catuai and Lempira varietals. This is the second year we have Edwin's honey process. It is beautifully named "Princesa Diana" (which means Princess Diana in English).

Origin: La Paz, Honduras
Catuai, Lempira
Elevation: 1480-1600MASL
Fig, Wildflower Honey, Vanilla
Process: Honey
Roast: Light