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Coffee Burlap Sack

Coffee Burlap Sack


Here at Java Blend, we generate a large number of burlap sacks each week from our green beans. Many of us are asked on a daily basis for these burlap sacks as they are fantastic for up-cycling! The bags are very trendy as home decor, garden planters, or tailored into knapsacks!

At Java Blend, we get our coffee from countries all over the world and each has its own unique design specific to the country or even the specific farm that the beans were sourced from. We decided that due to the popularity of the bags, we would like to pay it forward and offer these bags with a donation to a fantastic organization.  

For over 28 years, Mainline has been a vital resource in the Halifax North End community. It remains a user-directed organization grounded in the principles of harm reduction and a “Nothing About Us Without Us” philosophy.

100% of the proceeds of these bags will be donated to Mainline Needle Exchange!

We are offering this for local delivery only. If you want to stop in to see us at the cafe, you can get a bag at the pickup window as well!