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Wholesale Products & Services

Whatever your venture, we've got your coffee needs covered.

Coffee Beans

Wholesale coffee

Our full retail selection of coffee is available for wholesale purchase as
whole beans or freshly grounded, ready to serve or re-sell in retail bags.

Contact us to learn about our process, explore the options and taste some samples!

Dark Roast
French, Aztec, Sumatra, Northender

Dark & Medium Blend
Fog City

Medium Roast
Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ethiopoa Guji, Ehtiopia Ardi, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Breakfast Blend

Espresso Roast
K2 Espresso, 38 Espresso

Sugar Cane Decaf, Swiss Water Decaf



Loose Leaf (available by the KG)

Black Tea: English Breakfast, Cream Earl Grey, Indian Spiced Chai, Orange Pekoe, Margaret's Hope (Darjeeling)

Green Tea: Japan Genmaicha Yamasaki, 
Formosa Gunpowder

Caffeine Free: 
Irish Cream, Peppermint
, Sunshine Lemon Roobios
Roobios Good Hope
, Rooibos Masala Chai, Berry Berry

Tea Bags

Orange Pekoe
, Earl Grey
, Green
, Peppermint

Milk Alternatives

Milk Alternatives

Milk alternatives are enjoyed by all, not just customers with dietary restrictions. They each add different notes to your coffee beverages, so we like to make sure we have them all.

Oatly Oat milk
Pacific Oat milk
Pacific Almond milk
Pacific Coconut milk
Pacific Soy milk

Syrups & Flavours

Syrups & Flavours

Gourmet syrups are the best way to turn a classic coffee drink into your new signature beverage. The variety of aromas inspires us to create something unique every season.

Syrups by 1883 Maison Routin
Vanilla, Sugar-free vanilla, Caramel, Sugar-free caramel, Hazelnut, Salted caramel, Peppermint, Pumpkin spice, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Lemon, Blackberry

Chocolate sauce, Caramel sauce, Organic chai concentrate

Other fruity and seasonal flavours also available!



Whether you're opening a café or searching for a new gadget, we're here to help you make the right decision and get what you need in a timely manner!

We work with many of the world leaders in coffee equipment to make their products available to our local market. From grinders and milk pitchers to espresso machines and tampers, let’s work together to design and source your complete setup.

Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Expert training & consulting available in Atlantic Canada!

By sharing our knowledge, we build community through appreciating the people, places and care that goes into each delicious cup.

Café Consulting
We have helped many of our local partners with the setup of their cafés. From sourcing equipment and selecting suppliers, to designing your menu and the layout of your bar for success. We're here to help you curate a unique experience that suits your budget, location, and customers.

Barista Training
Using specialty coffee doesn't guarantee a perfect cup. Your brew process is equally important to deliver an experience that makes you smile at the first sip. We offer free barista training to all our partners. Whether you're just starting up, or would like a refresher, training ensures you get the best out of the coffees you serve.

Wholesale Operations

Java Blend Coffee is a small, locally-owned roaster located in HRM.

Our roastery and wholesale team operate in Dartmouth, while our café remains a staple in North End Halifax. 

Open 7 days a week
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
(902) 423 - 6944