Necronomicoffee - That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. | Java Blend Coffee
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Necronomicoffee - Special collector box

Necronomicoffee - Special collector box


Do you love an onslaught of increasingly gory mayhem?

How about an incredible cup of coffee, you love that too?

While neither will love you back, despair not, for a limited time you can drown your sorrows in Necronomicoffee, the hot (or iced) new Halloween feature coffee from Java Blend. With 85% boomstick (medium roast) and 15% tiny syllables (dark roast), this coffee is 100% Joe's idea - not Dalton's or Hannah's - and 100% groovy. 

And as a "treat" for all the deadites out there, we've got special boxed edition Necronomicoffee! 54 to be precise because  that's how many times Joe bothered me to make this post . So, get yours while you can. Nothing existential about that last sentence, just because we only have 54!

Made with love,

from Java Blend

 *250g Vacuum Sealed

Origin: Chiapas, Mexico | Cafesa Regional Lot, Honduras | Mandeling, Sumatra
Notes: Sweet Grape, Chocolate, Smooth
Process: Super-Natural
Roast: 85% Medium | 15% Dark