Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker | Java Blend Coffee
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Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker

Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker

  • Brew coffee at the perfect temperature and regulate the flow of water with optimal turbulence of coffee grounds for ideal coffee extraction
  • Uses #4 size Melitta cone shaped filters; 
  • True to the Melitta tradition, prepares 6 cups of coffee made the “Gourmet” way
  • Place cone atop the carafe, pop in the Melitta #4 cone filter, add your favorite finely ground coffee to taste and pour boiling water over grounds slowly.
  • Manual coffeemaker ideal for use at home, office or college
  • A great second pot, perfect for that second flavour of coffee or those guests who prefer decaf
  • Includes a start-up supply of Melitta #4 cone filters
  • Note: carafe holds 6/6 oz cups of coffee