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Our New Roastery & Warehouse

Posted by Adam Bose on

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen our roasters driving away from us on the back of a flatbed truck about two weeks ago. Fear not! They were not leaving us; they were just moving down the street to be reunited with the Warehouse Team!

Last summer we began moving into our new warehouse. It’s been a process! We began with moving our non-coffee inventory, followed by our Packaging & Delivery team and roasted coffee, and then the Admin team. The final piece of the puzzle was the Roasting team and green coffee!

As you can imagine, moving coffee roasters is not a small task. We had an incredible team of ~15 people working together to pack up our green beans, safely dismantle the machines, move them onto pallets and the truck, and into the new space. And of course, getting them hooked up and ready to roast again! Our team included our (human) Roasters, along with a crew of Gas Fitters, Electricians, Roofers, a Roasting Equipment consultant, and a few others who couldn’t miss the occasion. Recognize the guy in the grey cap? ;) 

We have BIG DREAMS for our new warehouse. Our hope is that it will continue to grow with us as we strengthen our direct relationships with farmers and expand our community of specialty coffee lovers. This space gives us the opportunity to invite you in to join us as we experiment with new roasts and push our standards. 

Lifting the roaster with the forkliftPutting the roaster onto a palletInstalling the roasters at the new warehouseAdam with the roasters installed

We can’t wait to have you!

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